Chutney & Relish Recipes

Pimp my toast

Spice up a cheese toastie by spreading Plot 44 chutney over bread before adding cheese and popping under the grill. Try the same with scrambled eggs.

Cauliflower Cheese

Let's face it, there isn't a huge amount of flavour in a cauliflower, so your standard Cauliflower Cheese can be a bit, well, dull. I dot my cauliflower with some chutney (try Rhubarb and Date, or Fiery Bengal) before topping with a cheese sauce and popping in the oven. Scrumptious.

Heavenly cheese rolls

1 Slice open roll*, add a good spoon of Plot 44 chutney and a generous slice of goats cheese.
2 Wrap in foil and bake in oven.
3 Serve piping hot
*works just as well with a cooked jacket potato (add a knob of butter too).

Savoury Bread & Butter Pudding

1 Spread butter, then Plot 44 chutney over bread slices, arrange in oven proof dish.
2 Cover with beaten egg and milk - leave for at least 10 minutes to soak in.
3 Microwave for 10 minutes
4 Cover with grated cheese and grill until top has browned.

Salad Days

Add bite to a potato salad by adding Plot 44 Bread and Butter Pickles that have been chopped into small chunks.

Do the same for home-made coleslaw.

Sandwich makeover

Mix half chutney with half mayonnaise and spread on a decent piece of crusty bread, add salad ingredients and slices of good quality British Cured ham. Top with another slice of bread with more of the chutney/mayo mix.

Easy and quick starter

1 Spread Plot 44 Red Onion Marmalade with Port on any type of flat bread, or a sheet of ready-made puff pastry
2 Arrange anchovy fillets and halved black olives on top*
3 Bake until warmed through (or until pastry has risen and is golden)

* get posh and do this as a diagonal lattice with an olive in each diamond

The Perfect Dip

Use Plot 44 Sweet Pepper Relish as a dip by itself, or stir into sour cream for a perfect for nachos dip.

Ahhhh, not Bisto!

Melt a spoonful of Plot 44 Red Onion Marmalade with Port into your gravy to add caramalised onion goodness.

Pimp my rice

Transform hot rice or couscous: just stir in a spoonful of Plot 44 chutney before serving.

Pimp my coleslaw

Cabbage and mayonnaise, yawn. Cabbage, mayonnaise, a few capers, salt and pepper and a good dollop of chutney (Tomato or Rhubarb and Date) now you're talking.

Pimp my veg

Transform any boiled vegetables: just stir in a spoonful of Plot 44 chutney before serving.


OK, that's enough pimping. Have you got any recipes using Plot 44 chutneys or relishes? Let us know via the Feedback page.