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My partner always stated he came from a family of hunter-gatherers. At their home deep in the woods of Pennsylvania they grew, pickled, preserved and brewed virtually everything they ate or drank. Or they went into the woods and shot it.

Naturally when we started growing excessive amounts ourselves on our allotement ā€“ Plot 44 ā€“ he taught me to do the same (though I've yet to go hunting in the woods in Walthamstow). I'd no idea jams could taste so good, pickles didn't have to taste like Branston's, and ketchup didn't have to be made from tomatoes.

Now, a few years on, we're scaling back the business. Apologies to all our fans. We both have full time jobs and this rather successful 'sideline' is taking its toll (anyone want to buy a business?).

We'll only be popping up at the odd event (Copped Hall in Epping in the autumn was a delight and we'lll be back there). We've still got a freezer full of fruit from this year and no doubt the allotement will be providing us with far too much food again this summer, so we'll have to do something with it.

As we state on the labels: "handmade in rediculously small batches" will be truer than ever!


Sam and Mike 


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Sam Cork Portrait